Alternative Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund

Beginning October 1, 2023, the State transitioned the administration of the Alternative Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund (AEMIF) from the Department of the Treasury to the Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs. Direct grant appropriation of the AEMIF is now at the local county level. Rutherford County will provide the reimbursement of device costs to vendors with appropriate documentation. 

About the Alternative Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund
The Alternative Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund (“A-EMIF”) provides financial reimbursement to local jurisdictions who provide or install devices ordered by a judge for indigent persons required to have a monitoring device. Alternative EMIF devices, such as transdermal, mobile breathalyzer, and GPS monitoring, reimbursed by the EMIF will be funded out of a local government and State 50/50 cost-sharing program. Monitoring devices eligible for reimbursement from the A-EMIF fund include: 

  • Transdermal devices
  • Electronic monitoring devices with random alcohol or drug testing
  • GPS monitoring devices 

Interlock devices are not eligible for reimbursement under this solicitation.

New or Updated Participant Eligibility Request
A participant eligibility request must be submitted for every new participant or updated indigency order after October 1, 2023. Participants must be court ordered by a judge to have a monitoring device and deemed indigent. Any inaccurate or missing information will result in the vendor being notified of the required documentation or missing information, and a new or updated participant eligibility request must be resubmitted.

To get started, please download and complete this form.

Once complete, email form and supporting documents to [email protected].

Invoice Instructions
All participants must be vetted through the new participant eligibility request prior to invoicing. Participants will be vetted through the new participant registration process completed by the vendor.

Any participant that has been monitored less than a full month, must be prorated at $6.58 per day of monitoring.

Invoice must be on agency letterhead that includes:

  • Agency name;
  • Physical address;
  • Remit to address (if different than physical address);
  • Phone number;
  • Date of invoice;
  • Unique invoice number;
  • Itemized list:
    • Defendant Name
    • # days/billing dates of device
    • Case #
    • Date of Birth
    • Type of Device
    • Amount per defendant
  • Total amount due
  • Bill to address: Rutherford County Finance Dept., 1 Public SQ, STE 201, Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

If you are a new agency that has not previously received funds from Rutherford County, or have an address or name change, please submit a current W-9 with your invoice to [email protected].

Invoices can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] as well as any comments and questions to the AEMIF Coordinator.